The animator Daniel Fuenzalida was honest about the end of the space Me Late and Me Late Prime in the Channel 13 program Game Textual.

This Tuesday, Daniel Fuenzalida referred to the end of the programs Me Late and Me Late Primein addition to his departure from the TV + program in the program Text Game from Channel 13.

At the beginning of the space, the communicator was asked about the reason for his departure from TV+, to which he replied that it was due to “a black hand”.

“As the conditions for the exit of the program were given, with my technical team and my panelists, there must have been a black hand, because there is no reason that it came out of the air the way it did.”he began by explaining his answer.

Likewise, Fuenzalida highlighted that “that black hand has nothing to do with Iván Nuñez. Iván Núñez was never mentioned to me, as they said a lot in the press.”

In that, he also added that due to the way in which the program ended after eight years, “I think that yes or yes there is a black hand, but it must be from inside the channel.”

In this regard, he pointed out that it could be “someone who did not like our project, did not like our program, did not like the panelists or did not like me. But instead of doing something transparent, I think there were things that were done from below “.

Regarding the legal area, the entertainer assured that he is managing with lawyers how the cycle ends with the television channel and that not everything is clear yet due to the short time that has passed since the news.

“I felt very humiliated”

When asked about how he found out about the news, he confirmed again that It all happened on Friday night, after finishing recording I beat.

“After being on the live show, I was informed by two executives that the show wasn’t going and I said ‘perfect’. My question was how do we do it, how does the closure play out,” she recalled.

Then, he assured that he was consulted about how he saw the end of the space, to which Fuenzalida replied “At the end of the year, if they are in a hurry with this, at the end of the month, at least next week. Let’s close well.”

However, he received a refusal, pointing out that the space had finished with the recently recorded program.

Among the explanations, Fuenzalida mentioned that “since we worked with entertainment, it could be borrowed that my panelists could play with thisso it was better to make an immediate cut”.

Also, the television presenter admitted to being in shock during the brief 10 minute conversation about the end of spaceto which, still stunned, he asked to have a farewell program.

“I proposed to go on the air on Monday and say goodbye on screen. But the two looked at each other and said they were going to think about it. I felt very humiliated”lament.

This, because he even proposed that, despite his participation in the Teletón Tour, where he performed in Talca, I could go back and forth so I could say goodbye.

“The next day, on Saturday morning, I met with an executive and he told me that they would give me Monday. Obviously, I said that I analyzed it and that my request was made in shock. “You made the decision that the program ends on Friday and it has to be that way”. I shouldn’t be begging for a question from you,” she narrated.

In that, Fuenzalida highlighted that “I have been on television for 25 years, one knows the rules of the game (…) One knows absolutely everything, but what makes me sad was that they said ‘we are going to do this program, we are not contemplating you or to you and not to your people, we are going to call another producer”.

For them it was so easy, it was so simple. And I had to download information to the people who have been with me all these years. I think the form was not good. The rest can do what they want and develop the ideas they want and the program they want”, he commented.

Daniel Fuenzalida and the ‘widowers’ of Me Late

Similarly, the communicator admitted that “something very surprising” happened after the news of his departure from TV+ was published, since Many people approached him lamenting the situation.

“We were on the air for a long time in a pandemic, so a different factor is produced, that of company. People treasured the program by laughing, by accompanying each other. The programs that were on the air during the pandemic… people took a special affection for him”said.

Likewise, he assured that on his trip to Talca as well as walking down the street “people ask me ‘What will happen to me? They took me away from the morning sessions, from the banging of doors and bullets. You, talking nonsense with a bit of show business, managed to make me go to sleep a little calmer.

On his television future, Fuenzalida assured that television is just one more job. “I am very passionate about it, but if it is not there, it is not there. Obviously, I am going to insist on being able to do something, and I have made it transparent to the teambut it is good to see it like this: it is one more problem”.

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